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August 2006 - Beaumont Wines, Botriver


Beaumont Wines in the Walker Bay area (Botriver) has been described as one of the most characterful wineries in the Cape. The small, rustic cellar on the historic Compagnes Drift Farm at the foot of the Houwhoek Mountains certainly provided us with some wonderful wine tasting!

The farms' history goes back to the 1700s, when it was a trading outpost of the Dutch East India Company and indeed has a wonderful setting.

Our hosts, Jayne and Raoul, Sebastian and Ariane Beaumont were all there to provide information - about their farm, their wines, and of course, how to care for the grapes including pruning the vines. Leon also explained how to graft pear trees.

A wonderful lunch was provided - underneath the willow trees by the dam. The sun shone and wine, the porto and the desert wine was all graciously sampled!

Thankyou to the Beaumonts!
(Beaumont will be open during the Elgin's Open Gardens for wine tasting and light meals.)

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