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All About Bees

July 2008 - All About Bees


The club met at Bergzicht Training Centre in Stellenbosch. Gerald Reed, the bee-whisperer from Cape Town, came to talk to us about the fascinating life of bees.

He explained about the different kinds of bees in the world and in South Africa and about the lifecycle of bees, how they live, mate and what they eat!

We had many questions from members - some of whom are experienced bee-keepers, and he even persuaded a few people that they might like to keep a few bees in their gardens too - it is perfectly possible to keep a hive in a surburban garden!

Gerald described some of the misconceptions about bees - namely that when they swarm they are dangerous. In fact they are very unlikely to sting you when in this state. Don't antagonise them - they are merely trying to find a new home.

It was also fascinating to hear about the different jobs a bee has in a lifetime - how they are promoted up the ranks!

Afterwards, we were treated to a 2-course lunch made by Bergzicht staff - thanks for the hospitality!

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