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Biodiversity Park, Green Point Park, Cape Town

June 2011 - Biodiversity Park, CT


Our visit to GREEN POINT BIODIVERSITY GARDEN & PARK and the STADIUM was really wonderful. Beautiful weather , a smallish group of about 12, and 2 fascinating talks.

Marijke Honig was the designer and planner of the Biodiversity Park (Green Point Park) part of the gardens. She walked and talked us through the park and was very knowledgeable about the KHOI who were the original inhabitants of the area. Display boards are very educational, and simple to read - with interesting facts about the plants, animals and eating habits... There is a great emphasise with wonderful interactive projects with the community and fascinating facts about the water sources in the area. Needless to say, we needed more time than we had - we didn’t even get to the human sundial and animal footprints!

Richard Mathieson then talked to us - he's beeen intimately involved in the planting /building of the sand based stadium pitch - used for the World Cup 2010 Football competition. We learnt about the highly technical and scientific requirements to produce the green background to the sport we are all so fond of watching. EXTREMELY interesting!

Thankyou to both Marijke and Richard for sparing time to talk to us about these great subjects! You can find more information about the park including photo's and to contact Marijke on her blog. Or by going to their Facebook page.

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