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China - The Mother of Gardens

June 2008 - China - The Mother of Gardens


The club met at Oude Libertas, Stellenbosch, for a talk about China - the Mother of Gardens.

Wim Tijmens, an internationally acclaimed speaker and famous in the world of horticulture has visited China many times and has many stories to re-tell.

It was fascinating to hear him - from identifying rare plants in remote areas - even discovering new plants, to Chinese culture (a spell in a Chinese hospital was interesting indeed!).

He also took us on a virtual tour of not only China, but the whole world, with his slideshow and travel tales.

This was a joint club outing - with the Country Garden Club also based in the Boland area and as a result we had a very healthy turnout - it was great to mingle with other green fingered minds!

Afterwards, we moved from the auditorium to the restaurant, where almost 50 of us were treated to a 3 course meal, with roaring fire and wine bottles in their cellar as a backdrop. Delicious - thankyou for the great service!

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