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Daylilies (Hemerocallis), Wellington

May 2009 - Daylilies (Hemerocallis), Wellington


The club met in Wellington, to meet Chris Smit. He has started a daylily park right in the middle of this charming, farming town.

What started out as a personal interest, now takes up more and more of his time, and after purchasing an extra field at the back of his property, he now has more than 300 varieties of hemerocallis.

Chris imports new varieties from the US, and uses them to hybridize his own. His newest variety, a miniature, he has named James - after his loyal gardener and helper, who has worked for him for many years.

Chris gave us a slideshow showing many of his varieties and explained how he grows daylilies and hybridizes them and the problems that they can suffer from - namely rust. This was then followed by a tour of his fields of daylilies and members had an option to purchase them.

It was plain to see the enthusiasm that Chris has for these plants - and his belief that this plant has a sturdy future here in South Africa.

A big thankyou to Chris and his wife for their hospitality (and their homemade muffins!)
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