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De Kraal Gardens

Sept 2007 - De Kraal Gardens


The De Kraal gardens are perched on the side of the Helshoogte mountains. Robert and Ulke the owners have decided to restore the gardens back to only indigenous planting and have asked Willene van der Merwe of Greencard Landscaping to make the changes necessary and to maintain the gardens.

It is a desert-style garden with plenty of ponds and streams. The garden won a landscape design award in 2003 and has many features including lapas and sculptures.

There are views over the Stellenbosch mountains and plenty of twists and turns in the pathways and steep inclines - all of which add to the charm.

There are also hidden treasures such as the rope bridge (no we didn't try it out!) and plenty of places to stop and admire the restios, aloes and fynbos.

Thanks go to Robert & Ulke the owners, and many heartfelt thanks to Willene for showing us around!

P.S. The cheesecake and fresh juice enjoyed afterwards at Hillcrest Berries was just DIVINE!

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