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November 2006 - Freshwoods, Grabouw


Freshwoods is a regular on the Elgin Open Gardens - in fact the owner Barbara Knox-Shaw has been organising the event for many years.

Her garden at Freshwoods is a treasure trove of flowers, trees and unusual plants. Everything from little oxalis to the huge gunneras have their place - and much more in between!

In 2003, the World Federation of Rose Societies gave Barbara's Freshwoods their "Award of Merit" for her huge collection of species roses. And they really are a sight to behold when in bloom.

Again the club was lucky with a perfect blue-sky day!
Barbara served tea and scones underneath her huge wisteria porch, and then we set off for a wonderful tour. It was a compliment to Barbara that we took such a long time to complete the walk - with so much to look at and admire, many members were trailing, and then racing to catch up to hear Barbara explain the name or origin of a plant!

Amazing but true - Barbara always has the full botanical name of a plant on the tip of her tongue! Is this practice or simply a great talent for remembering names!?

Thank you Barbara - we will definitely accept your invitation to return in April!

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