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Sept 2012 - Jessie Waltons Keurbos Nursery


We had a wonderful day in Elgin visiting 2 doyennes of the Elgin area.

We started with a welcome coffee at Jessie Walton's property.
Her mother-in-law, the famous Gwen Fagan, wrote the well known book, Roses of the Cape.
We were then treated to a guided walk around her carefree garden, not quite in full spring bloom yet, but with plenty of gems to look at. Jessie specializes in Vireya Rhododendrums, many of which were in full bloom, and on sale in her wonderful nursery.

The indigenous area was looking wonderful, as was the woodland area. And there were even some roses already in bloom!
You can find some interesting plants to buy in her KEURBOS NURSERY - well worth a visit!

followed by - Barbara Knox Shaw's Freshwoods Garden


Freshwoods is a regular on the Elgin Open Gardens - in fact the owner Barbara Knox-Shaw has been organising the event for many years.

Her garden at Freshwoods is a year-round treasure trove of flowers, trees and unusual plants. Every time I visit this magical place, there is something new to discover. I have been here countless times, at different times of the year, and it never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

Mature trees, with crab apples, many acers, a bamboo forest and thousands of spring bulbs. From the giant pin oak, to 2 tiny ‘bonsai trees’ growing on a rock shelf behind the house, there is plenty to see!

BOTH these gardens are open to the public during the Elgin Open Gardens in November this year. (See our Open Gardens page)

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