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Stellenbosch Golf Club

August 2007 - Visit to Stellenbosch Golf Club - green grass


In August, Dirk Tofte gave a very informative presentation and talk about Stellenbosch Golf Club - and how they keep their greens, fairways - and bunkers looking immaculate all year round.

Dirk has been working as Course Superintendant at Stellenbosch for the past year. He previously worked on courses such as Fancourt and George - and has over 15 years experience working on keeping the grass in world-class condition.

Some amazing facts - the Golf Course property is around 50 hectares, 20 of which are maintained.

The fairways and tees are kikuyu grass, whilst the greens are Bentgrass L93, and the roughs are a mixture of kikuyu, rye and/or arogrostis.

There are 47 bunkers - which also need to be maintained - and take rather a lot of time to keep looking neat and tidy!

Dirk was very informative - giving us information such as how fairways and greens are constructed, what pests and diseases to look out for - and how to care for our own lawns. He was also most helpful in answering our many questions!

Many thanks go to Dirk for his time, his help and his enthusiasm!

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