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Habitat Tree Nursery

February 2007 - Habitat Tree Nursery, Winery Road.


It has been a very hot summer here this year so what better idea than to find some shade and talk about trees.

On the 1st February we met up at the Habitat Tree Nursery where Dean showed us around a few of their 100,000 trees. The company specialises in moving, transplanting and growing mature trees - everything from the popular (excuse the pun!) to the rarer species.

Dean answered many, MANY questions from the club members - everything from how to care for trees, how to stake them, how to kill them(!) and what his favourite tree is (a Baobab).

At the age of 10 he already had an interest in trees and started with bonsai, and from there on went from strength to strength, his interest and experience growing. He has had the company for more than 10 years now and has continued to grow.

Sune at Cafe Zest provided us with delicious warm scones and tea and coffee and did a great job with the service considering how many extra people turned up to the meeting - our biggest turnout for many months!

Thanks go to Dean and Sune for a wonderful afternoon.

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