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Heaven Scent Cut Flower Nursery

March 2007 - Heaven Scent Cut Flower Nursery, Elgin.


The beginning of March saw a visit Linda Keevy at her Heaven Scent garden and nursery on the Valley Road, Elgin. near Elgin.

Besides having a beautiful garden filled with roses, huge camellias and many other treasures, she and her husband grow flowers mainly for cutting - to make up into posies - which they sell on to local nurseries and farm stalls. They also farm apples - which - as we discovered - are DEE-LICIOUS!

Linda showed us around the cold-store where she conditions the cut flowers and makes them up into bunches, and then through the garden - which is filled with unusual and beautiful flowers and foliage.

Club members had the opportunity to buy plants from the nursery and there was much fun and laughter trying to squeeze all our purchases back into the cars! Yes - there were plants on laps, under knees and up to the roof!

Many, many thanks go to Linda for her hospitality - and the excellent tea, scones, quiche and cake that was served!

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