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Hillcrest Berry Orchards

Nov 2007 - Hillcrest Berry Orchards


A beautiful spring day saw us meet at Hillcrest Berry Orchards.

Hillcrest Berries are renowned throughout South Africa for their delicious berries, jams, chutneys - and of course their cheesecake!

The owner Raimond O'Grady took us on a welk and a talk around their crops of berries - it's the prime season to see them fruiting. Did you know that they were the first people to farm anything but the strawberry here in South Africa!?

It started off as a hobby, and is now a major company supplying many varieties of jams and chutneys throughout South Africa - even to royalty and for special occasions!

Raimond gave us advice on how to grow berries ourselves, which varieties are best to grow here in SA, and how to prune them and guard against pests...

Afterwards we enjoyed homemade lemonade, and scones and cream - and of course their very own jams. A wonderful picnic area with stunning views!

Thank you Raimond and his team for the informative morning! (

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