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Cyclads at Jatan Garden, Stellenbosch

Feb 2009 - Cyclads at Jatan Garden, Stellenbosch


A local garden visit this month - to the nearby Jatan Gardens just outside Stellenbosch.

Owned by Brian and Elsie Long, this immaculate green garden is superbly landscaped with palms and LOTS of cycads.

Elsie, together with Hazel Geldenhuys showed us around the large gardens full of hundreds of cycads, palms and trees. There are also around 800 specimen roses.

The cycad collection is quite amazing - possibly one of the largest in South Africa(?). Cycads have been brought from all over the country - most of them need certificates for ownership.

They all have fascinating shapes and forms - some flowering too!

Barend - one of our regular visitors had his photo taken with one of the amazing flowers (see right).

Many thanks go to Hazel and Elsie for their hospitality and time.

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