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Laeken - The Royal Gardens of Brussells, Belgium

Apr 2008 - Laeken - The Royal Gardens of Brussells, Belgium.


The club treasurer, Chris Jacobs, gave a talk and DVD show about the amazing Royal Gardens of Brussells - “Les serres Royales de Laeken”.

Built in 1873 by the architect Alphonse Balat, they were entirely made of metal and glass, and were, at the time a dramatic innovation.

Many plants were brought here as collectors items from all over the world. Unusual plants such as camellias, oranges, azaleas and orchids.

Chris explained how the amazing glass houses (and the staff!) were put to full use in caring for these plants - the glass houses were heated to different temperatures to care for these exotic plants.

Every year in April, the glass houses are opened for the public - to view the thousands of plants - shown at their peak condition.

The glasshouses are also used for state occasions - banquets and inaugurations - important events in Belgium.

Thanks go to Chris for giving us such an informative and interesting talk, and also to Golden Eye function venue.

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