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Ludwigs Roses, Winelands

Mar 2008 - Ludwigs Roses


On a beautiful Autumn day, we met at Ludwigs Roses, Winelands Branch.
Marie Favard, manager of the branch, showed us around the thousands of roses on show and on sale.

Many of the roses are planted around the nursery - to showcase the customers how high, the habit, scent and structure of the plants.

Many questions were asked about feeding, pruning, and irrigation of the roses. Marie is very knowledgable and practical and gave detailed answers to our questions.

Purchases were made - Autumn being a perfect time for planting new roses, and bug sprays and rose-food also bought with gusto!

Thanks to Marie for giving us such an enthusiastic talk and tour. I am sure quite a few of us will be back in Spring to buy more!

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