Founded in 1926

South Africa

Mont Fleur Gardens, Blaauwklippen, Stellenbosch

October 2009 - Mont Fleur


Mavis Trafford graciously hosted the club this month at her beautiful gardens.

These gardens, and the family, go back a long way! They were one of the first families to settle in the Blaauwklippen Road valley.

When the family first moved here, there were just some oak trees and much bush to clear!

This is now a wonderful, rambling, serene garden under a canopy of oaks, azaleas and rhododendrons. It has a variety of interesting water features, ornaments and woodland walks. And between are happy roses, lavenders and more unusual plants, such as gunnera and acers.

A large pink cloud of blossom from the crab apple floats over the large pond, and a rarely seen copper beech is growing to catch up its larger peers beside it - various oak trees.

Thankyou so much to Mavis, our generous host - all money raised went to St Johns childrens charity.

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