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June 2007 - Mushrooms, Jonkershoek


Club members met up with Dr. Adriaan Smit on a chilly winters morning - at the gates of the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve outside Stellenbosch. Warm waterproof wellington boots were donned. And plastic bags and baskets were given out - together with basic instructions on how to collect mushrooms.

We then walked through the forest in search of those mushrooms - and my, what a variety we found!

Adriaan talked us through some of the different varieties we found en-route, together with what to look out for - and what to avoid - namely which we could collect to eat!

We were (again!) lucky with the weather as previous heavy downpours had encouraged a wide variety of mushrooms.

It was then back to Stellenbosch town centre where we laid out our findings for inspection and identification - and photography! Adriaan is a wealth of knowledge on fungi - he could keep us fascinated for hours!

Thank you Adriaan - and the Mushroom Academy Guesthouse for providing us with refreshments.

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