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South Africa

Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens

Oct 2007 - Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens


The Stellenbosch Botanical Gardens are located right in the centre of the historic town. Although squeezed in between guesthouses, residential houses and shops, the gardens give a feeling of peace and quiet - a tranquil place.

The gardens are packed full of plants - indigenous and otherwise. There are a few ponds, a forest area, and - not to be missed - 3 greenhouses packed full of treasures. This includes some interesting specimens such as the dead trunk of a Welwitschia mirabilis which is over one thousand years old. There are 2 living specimens there too. The plant is either male or female and has only 2 leaves each...!

Thanks go to Miriam Terblanche who showed us around the gardens, the greenhouses and the bonsai collection.

Afterwards we enjoyed tea, coffee and "light meals" in the restaurant onsite.

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