Founded in 1926

South Africa


December 2006 - Tokara, Helshoogte Pass, nr Stellenbosch


The Garden Club got together for a final time this year in the gardens of Tokara, between Stellenbosch and Franschoek. The owner Anne Marie Ferreira graciously let us wander through the gardens to admire and also use the wonderful lawn in front of the lake.

It was a nice chance to catch up with garden club members - and we were lucky enough to have 2 visitors from Canada! They found our website and contacted us to see if they could join us for the evening. A few valuable hints were picked up on where to visit during their stay in South Africa!

Wim Tijmens gave us a short talk about the club, the members and reminded us we should ask plants two questions: "What is your name" and "Where are you from"!

As members settled on the expanse of lawn and tucked into their picnics, Dorian entranced us with his stories...

The sun went down, scattering light on the waterlilies in the lake, and we listened to soft music and chattering members!

What a great way to finish off 2006 - and to celebrate 80 years of the Stellenbosch Horticultural Society!

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