Founded in 1926

South Africa

Soil For Life organisation, Constantia, Cape Town

June 2009 - Worms!


This month we travelled to Constantia, to the organisation called Soil For Life which was founded in 2004 by Pat Featherstone.

The NGO is Cape Town based and teaches people to grow their own food - with the premise "healthy soil, healthy plants, and healthy people".

They grow organic vegetables, organic soul food such as jams,chutney and pickles, potted plants and seedlings. They also run a wide variety of workshops.

Dez walked us through their gardens and showed us the many healthy vegetables and plants that they grow. They also harvest regularly for organic markets.

Then we were shown their compost heaps and their worm bins - many of which are home made from old tyres, or from converted bath tubs. Fascinating facts emerged - all about insects and worms! We even saw worm cocoons - and tiny baby worms - something quite easy to find in a healthy compost heap - if you know what you are looking for!

An excellent morning visit - to a very worthwhile cause. Thoroughly recommended! Thankyou Dez and your colleagues for all your continued enthusiasm!

Dez can be contacted via:

Stellenbosch Horticultural Society
Phone +27 84 958 5074 • Web:
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